COVID-19 Update

By Cecilia Spehalski, RN, BSN, CSN posted 03-29-2020 20:13


The following announcement is posted on behalf of Dorian Vicente, MSN, RN,  NJ-CSN  President NJSSNA ******************************************************************************************************************************* ...
Dear Colleagues,
The NJSSNA Executive Board has created a comprehensive list of the work "many school nurses continue to do
while schools are closed" as a reminder that school nurses are working. Members can respond to our executive director
with any added work or ideas that could possibly be added to the list.  
COVID-19 Statement March 27
In addition, a folder with a comprehensive list of COVID-19 resources has been placed
on the website under the Resources tab includng: the NASN COVID resource page, the NJDOH and CDC COVID
links and updated information on addressing hunger during this Pandemic. . COVID-19 Resources

NJSSNA is here to offer support and guidance. Remember, we are all in this together!

Dorian Vicente MSN, RN, NJ-CSN President NJSSNA




Request training or presentation on the practice guide

If you would like to request a Presentation  for the practice guide-contact NJSSNA executive director 
Include the Name of Nursing organization
Date, time of requested presentation 
Anticipated  Number in attendance
Contact person (phone, email) 
 AV set up with access to internet is necessary