NASN Resource Page
     Extensive Collection of Resources/Information
     Interim Guidance: Role of the School Nurse in Return to School Planning

     NJSSNA COVID-19 March 27th Statement 
     NJSSNA Statement on School Nurse Roles During
     the COVID-19 Pandemic

     NJDOH COVID web page

     CDC website Coronavirus

     NJ Department of Children and Family Services
     COVID-19 Support Publications


     APHA COVID Conversations
     In depth explanation of Social Distancing #1 & #2
     Emerging Evidence on Spread and Treatment #3

     Allergy/Asthma Network FAQs
     COVID vs allergies vs Flu

     30 DAYS To Slow The Spread
     President's Coronavirus Guidelines for America
     Meditation, Mindfulness, Relaxation

     Fighting Hunger During the Coronavirus Outbreak
     Food Banks NJ 
     Hunger Free NJ