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Urgent Call to Action Today! Solu-Cortef Bill

By Cecilia Spehalski, RN, BSN, CSN posted 02-20-2019 08:32

The following announcement is posted on behalf of Lorraine Borek, MSN,MEd, RN, CSN-NJ President NJSSNA

NJSSNA is asking for your help. N.J. Legislative Bills A-4799 & S-3315 “Administration of Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate in Public Schools for a student with Adrenal Insufficiency” is scheduled to be voted on this Thursday, February 21, 2019. NJSSNA does not support the self-administration of this medication due to the complexity of the management of the adrenal crisis and the administration process while a student is experiencing an adrenal crisis. We ask that you read the attached statement from NJSSNA, sample letter and legislative bill. If you agree with opposing this bill please contact your local state senators to voice your concerns before February 21, 2019. You can locate your local senator by clicking on this link

NJSSNA Position Statement

Sample Legislator Letter
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05-13-2019 12:11

Hi there, 
I am currently a school nurse in southern California, and I have two students at my high school with adrenal insufficiency and they are prescribed Solu-Cortef to keep in the health office. I am seeking a more detailed explanation as to why school nurses are taking the stance of only allowing RNs to administer the injection? I understand that there is some assessment that needs to be down, however in the directions the care plan explains the scenarios in which the student would need to be given the injection. Further more if the student is given the medication when they didn't "really need it". what are the detrimental effects? 

Thank you for your help :)

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