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S-1501/A-1431 Pocket Veto'd

On 1/11/16 unfortunately Governor Christie pocket vetoed S-1501/A-1431, the bill establishing minimal educational requirements for school nurse certification.  NJSSNA should be proud that we were successful in getting it passed in both houses – this is quite an accomplishment.  It is also a prime example of how NJSSNA members organized and advocated together by contacting legislators on this important school nursing issue.
NJSSNA believes that these minimal educational requirements are necessary to prepare CSNs to maintain the highest level of quality healthcare for New Jersey students. Assemblywoman Marlene Caride has reintroduced the bill now known as A-1256 and NJSSNA will continue to rally once again to get it passed!  

School Nurse Certification Bill S1501

S-1501, a bill establishing minimal educational requirements for school nurse certification passed the Senate Education Committee December 14, 2015.  Once again, we need to rally together and contact our senators to garner their support for this legislation when presented in the full Senate.  Find your legislator.

Key points you may want to include:

School nursing is a specialty and requires the full complement of courses and clinical practicum prior to certification and practice. The courses offered in the program directly impact and pertain to school nursing. The program is fundamental and streamlined to fully prepare the certified school nurse to perform safely and competently.

Most certified school nurses work in isolation from other healthcare professionals. The courses, clinical and teaching practicum are the only opportunity afforded to prepare the aspiring school nurse to work autonomously.

In addition, send Senator Sweeney an email at, and ask him to present this bill January 11, 2016. 

Uniform State MOA Between Education and Law Enforcement Officials

Major new features of the revised Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) include the Overdose Prevention Act, Self-Administration of Medication by Students, Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, Cyber Harassment, Hazing, and Coordination of HIB and Criminal Investigations. 

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New Epinephrine Requirements for Schools

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Janet’s Law FAQ

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Scholastic Student-Athlete Safety Act 2013

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