Paul's Law Is Signed By Governor Murphy

By Cecilia Spehalski, RN, BSN, CSN posted 01-12-2020 22:07

Paul’s Law, a law governing seizure management for primary and secondary school aged children, has been signed into law by Governor Murphy and is effective immediately. Review the bill, please note [bracketed] statements are to be removed from the law and underlined words are added. Highlights of the bill are (1) If parent/guardian seeks seizure care for their student they need to submit annually a Seizure Action Plan that was prepared by the student’s physician, Advance Practice Nurse or Physician’s Assistant (2) The school nurse is to prepare an Individualized Healthcare Plan and an Individualized Emergency Healthcare Plan – both of which need to be updated annually and as needed (3) The board of education is to coordinate staff seizure education using Department of Health approved seizure training program (4) The school district is to notify the bus driver of the student with a seizure disorder and provide instruction on how to care for the student should an emergency occur as well as provide emergency and parent contact information (5) The school nurse is to obtain a release from the parent or guardian to authorize the sharing of medical information with other healthcare providers and school staff as necessary.
Paul's Law S4141


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