• Congratulations to Gina Emge!

    Congratulations to Gina Emge for being awarded the NASN School Nurse Excellence Award and NJSSNA's School Nurse of the Year!

    Gina Emge, MS, RN, NCSNĀ is one of the most highly regarded school nurses in New Jersey. She has served the members of the New Jersey State School Nurses Association (NJSSNA) for almost a decade. Gina has held multiple positions on the NJSSNA executive board, including Legislative Chair, culminating in NJ Director to NASN for an extended term of five years. While no longer on the NJSSNA executive board, Gina continues to contribute to the organization as a trusted advisor to the board and the Legislative team. She is a prolific writer, recently published in The Journal of School Nursing as a co-author to the research article: Missed Vision Screenings for School-Age Children During The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Survey Based Study of NASN Representatives.