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NJSSNA collaborated with NASN and NASSNC in the 2014-2015 School Year on a pilot study to collect uniform data from NJ School Nurses.  Results of the 2014-2015 NJ data set are available in the NJSSNA Community Library for viewing.  This year we are hoping for a more robust response!!

For the 2015-16 school year, school nurses are encouraged to collect specific data on the number of nurses and health personnel in schools, the number of children with diagnosed chronic health conditions, and the disposition of children seen in the school nurse office.   NJSSNA will be sending out two email invitations to all NJ School Nurses  to participate in this year's data collection efforts   The first invitation,  in late February, will address school nursing /health office personnel, and the number of students diagnosed with chronic health conditions.  These numbers should match what has been reported in the district's most recent QSAC Report.   NJSSNA 's second invitation, sent out in June,  will ask school nurses to provide data on the disposition of students seen by the RN  (i.e. those returned to class, those sent home, and those, for whom 911 was called).  We need your help!!  Please help us to paint a more accurate picture of  school nursing practice in New Jersey schools! We invite each school nurse to step up and be counted

For more information on this data collection initiative visit the Community Library Folder titled: Step Up & Be Counted", and the NASN webpage: 

For questions contact: Lorraine Chewey; OR Laura Jannone 

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