School Nurse Practice Document

By Cecilia Spehalski, RN, BSN, CSN posted 07-25-2018 13:54


The following announcement is posted on behalf of Lorraine Borek, MSN,MEd, RN, CSN-NJ President NJSSNA


Dear NJSSNA members,

Here is the news you have been patiently waiting for! The document Promoting Health and Learning: School Nursing Practice in New Jersey’s Public Schools (formerly known as the guidelines) is complete. 

This is a culmination of years of work that addresses the standards of nursing practice in New Jersey as reflected in code. It was written by school nurses for school nurses.

The NJSSNA will seek to educate stakeholders about the new document, and will provide quality, cost-effective training on the use of the document as a tool to improve school nursing practice. You will be notified regarding training opportunities for regions throughout the state.

Thank you to the many individuals who participated in this project either by serving on the steering committee, writing, proofreading, or participating in a focus group.




Request training or presentation on the practice guide

If you would like to request a Presentation  for the practice guide-contact NJSSNA executive director 
Include the Name of Nursing organization
Date, time of requested presentation 
Anticipated  Number in attendance
Contact person (phone, email) 
 AV set up with access to internet is necessary